Why Cotton is the Choice for Babies

Your newborn is so delicate and so are their skin. That is why cotton is the best fabric for your newborn’s skin. This is why doctors recommend using cotton baby receiving blankets and cotton clothing for babies.

Here are a few reasons why you ought to use only cotton fabrics for your baby:

– Cotton is a natural, 100% organic fabric.

– Cotton clothes are soft and do not rub harshly against baby’s soft skin.

– Cotton fabrics permit better aeration and will keep your baby cool.

– Since it is a natural fabric, cotton is non allergenic.

– Cotton is perfect for babies who suffer from asthma because unlike other materials, it does not release small particulate matter that can trigger an attack.

– Cotton is durable and easy to use.

– You can wash and dry cotton fabrics easily.

– Synthetic products are often treated with plenty of chemicals to give them a good finish. These chemicals can cause rashes on our newborn baby’s skin. Cotton on the other hand is not subjected to such finishing treatments. This makes it perfect for your newborn’s use.

– In addition to the benefits it offers your baby, cotton is great for the environment too. It is 100% natural and therefore biodegradable too.

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