Amazing Facts about Infants

From around the time the crawl to just before they can walk, these babies are capable of some amazing feats.

1.     They Can Breathe And Swallow: While adults and babies can do both, only at a certain age can you do both at the same time. At around six months is when babies can both take a breath and a bite at the very same time.

2.    Double Trouble: At six months in, babies have usually doubled their birth weight. A near impossibility at any other age.

3.    Super Baby!: Pound for pound, your baby is stronger than many animals. An oxen is the best example of compatible strength. Their strongest muscles? The legs.

4.    It’s All About The Eyes: While Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes, around now they will change colour. If both parents have blue eyes, the baby definitely will. If not, now is the time that they change, if they will.

5.   Show And Tell: Although they can’t speak, babies can still communicate physically. Waving bye-bye, clapping, pointing, and others are ways that they communicate. Studies show that the more physically they communicate, the better they will verbally communicate.

6.    Left or Right? : With a population that is ten percent left-handed, now is about the time you will begin noticing your child’s preference. However, if your baby is a twin, they are 22% likely to be left handed.

7.    Triple Take: At the end of the first year, your baby’s weight will have tripled. That means if they were born at ten pounds, at their first year they will weight around 30, give or take.

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